Rate That Condiment

Who's flavor tops them all!

Ketchup image


Ah, yes ketchup, the tomato sauce that goes well with almost everything!
Potatoes, sandwiches, sauces, marinades and more! Found on the table of
every local restaurant, diner and bar this condiment contains a wide
variety of ingredients especially our favourite fruit, the tomato !

That irresistible tomato sauce flavor has earned this American favourite a :

7 / 10

Mustard image


Mustard, the condiment is made from mustard the-seed! Mashed with the usual
vinegar and citrus juices this tangy yellow sauce goes well on a good ol' fashion
hotdog, burgers and more! Some even say that Mustard contains healthy antioxidants
that protect your body against diseases! But be warned this condiment unlike the
others so far can stain your clothes real bad !

This yellow sauce that combos well with the classic Ketchup, scores a good old:

7 / 10

Honey image


Honey, its incredible that a single ingredient can be filled with so much flavor.
Made from the efforts of the bee, honey is the perfect condiment
to add to...practically EVERYTHING! It can be a sweetener for your desert,
sauces, marinades and even tea! Honey is nature's true golden treasure !

Nature’s secret ingredient, with its all natural sweetness deserves a :

8 / 10

Maple Syrup image

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup, everyone's favourite tempered sap from a wide variety of trees;
including but not limited to sugar maple, black maple and red maple.
This is the number one go-to condiment for french toast, waffles, oatmeal and
everyone's favourite, pancakes! Maple syrup also makes a great sweetener
for baked goods, smoothies and even milkshakes !

With its over sweetness and syrupy syrupness. Maple Syrup is rated :

6 / 10

Mayonnaise image


A gorgeous mixture of egg yolks, citrus juice and vinegar mayonnaise is
Frankenstein's creation of condiments. Sitting comfortably next to Ketchup,
Mustard and Hot sauce, Mayonnaise is the go to sauce for extra flavour to your
freshly crafted sandwiches or even on your favourite fries. !

Mayonnaise does go with much BUT this milky sauce deserves a rating on :

6 / 10

Salt and Pepper image

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper, yin and yang, this monochromatic condiment is
THE staple to every dining room table. Cracked peppercorns and dried
saltwater, spices up EVERY dish known to man,
just be sure not to put too much of it !

Who would've known these contrasting condiments would earn a score of :

10 / 10

Hot Sauce image

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce, just like its cousins The Ketchup and Mustard, this condiment is
made primarily from chili peppers! With varying levels of spiciness, hot
sauce adds a tasty kick to any dish, just be sure not to put it in more
than you can handle! There are all kinds of Hot Sauce available in the
market, Tabasco, Red Hot Hot Sauce, Sriracha, Cholula the list goes on !

Spicy, sauce and savoury, this condiment has earned a piping hot :

9 / 10